Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Carpet cleaning methods in Huddersfield

Carpet cleaning refers to a wide range of different carpet cleaning methods available. Hot water extraction cleaning is by far the most common method, followed by dry cleaning. Some companies will recommend one way or the other. However, we will always use the method that most suits your carpets. There are  lot of synthetic, polypropylene carpets which can only be dry cleaned due to the risk of shrinkage. This is due to the cleaning solution penetrating the backing before being extracted away as it can’t be absorbed in to the pile. With woollen based carpets, the cleaning solution will be absorbed into the pile before reaching the backing and result in the solution being extracted away long before it reaches the backing of your carpets.

The technician should identify the pile and backing of your carpet before deciding which method to use. This can only be done if the technician is experienced allowing them to understand and identify the carpet correctly. The question we get asked the most is, “how long will it take my carpets to dry?”.  To answer this we  need to know what the carpets made from and what backing it has.

Why the carpet backing matters!

There are many kinds of backing used in carpet manufacturing such as jute and cotton, polypropylene or wool to name just a few. All of these can be prone to shrinkage, which will pull the carpet up at the edges and in some cases lift the carpet from the gripper rods. Other backs such as “Action Back” tend to be less prone to shrinkage and will allow the technician more time to concentrate on high traffic areas (high usage dirty areas) which require more time to clean. The technician will  identify the backing of the carpet to be cleaned before deciding on which cleaning system to use.

Why not just dry clean carpets?

You may be wondering why carpet cleaners don’t just use the dry cleaning method for all carpets to be cleaned.  The reason for this is because it isn’t as effective as hot water extraction. Despite the fact that you will probably be told by carpet cleaning companies that “only” use the dry cleaning method, that dry cleaning is the best, this isn’t true.

At Direct Cleaning we have both methods in our vehicles at all times and will employ the method that best suits your carpets, not the method that best suits us. Proper dry cleaning uses solvent based cleaning solutions that remain on top of the pile, and a rotary buffing machine is used to buff the solution in using a cotton pad which picks the solution up and holds the dirt in the cotton pad. Because an extraction machine is not used in dry cleaning carpets, the bottom of the pile is rarely touched and deep down dirt just remains.

At the end of the dry cleaning, carpets will look cleaner and you will be very happy with the job. However, if the carpets can be cleaned by the hot water extraction method, then they should be. With dry cleaning we always vacuum thoroughly before and after the job to give the best results possible.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is just that.  Cleaning solution added to hot water. Is applied to your carpets under pressure and extracted away with a powerful vacuum all in one motion. This this means that the entire pile is cleaned efficiently, leaving no residual dirt in the carpet what so ever. It is nether quicker nor slower than other carpet cleaning methods available. Next time you decide to have your carpets cleaned, make sure the company doesn’t offer you any carpet cleaning methods before they know exactly what carpets you have.

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