Kitchen Extractor Cleaning

Kitchen Extractor Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Extractor cleaning

Why not start the year with clean kitchen extractor and canopy?
Last year we cleaned hundreds of commercial kitchen extractor units, along with full deep cleans of commercial kitchens, in and around Yorkshire. Not only will a full extraction unit clean help against the risk of fire, it will help to prolong the life of the fan that operates the system. Only to often do we arrive to price up an extractor clean on a commercial kitchen, to find that there is black oily fatty grease oozing out from the external fan housing. As you can imagine this doesn’t give a very welcoming site to potential clients coming along to eat in your establishment. If this is the case an extensive clean will be necessary, to remove the trail of grease and fat from the extractor ducting.


The grease you can see on the fan  to the left was responsible for the unsightly ooze our customer had coming out from the fan housing to the external of the building in the car park. The picture on the right shows the extractor fan after cleaning.

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